Alumni Association

Due to an increasing number of graduate alumni, the school has organized graduates of previous years to establish the Alumni Association of Accounting Department in 2010 to enhance the relationship between school teachers, and inherit each other's experience through mutual communication. This aims to combine the power of alumni to help younger schoolmates to solve difficulties they encountered during the schooling stage, as well as dominants and recommendations regarding future career planning for undergraduate students. It also looks forward to establishing the Alumni Association of Accounting Department Network to mutually concern, look after and support each other regardless of inside or outside the campus.

At present, the Alumni Association is run by the following members: Chairman Chang Zhen Hui who currently serves as the Accountant Director of the Department of Health, New Taipei City; Director General-cum-President Professor Liao, Hsiu-Mei who currently serves as the Dean of the Department of Accounting; as well as five other relevant cadres. Since the establishment of Alumni Association, it has hosted regular activities to build up good relations among the members, including basketball and friendship sports tournaments, and visiting the parental school during the annual graduation ceremony with the aim to maintain interaction and mutual communication among the departmental teachers and staff, undergraduate students and new graduates. In addition, the Department also invites the alumni to return school to hold career lectures, and provide career information advice and pass down their experience to schoolmates.