• The faculty is strong, and the curriculum integrates three major fields of accounting, taxation, and information technology.
  • Emphasis is placed on students' research abilities.
  • Theory and practice are combined, and internships with multiple accounting firms are offered.
  • The number of certification exam passers has increased significantly.

“ In fact, accounting courses usually only involve basic arithmetic operations, but what is needed more is logical thinking ability. ”
The accounting department is a highly professional major, and it is easy to find good jobs after graduation. It is also the only major in the College of Commerce where the demand for jobs exceeds the supply, because accounting talent is needed in various industries. Therefore, graduating from the accounting department is equivalent to being employed. The courses learned in the accounting department are relatively solid and professional subjects in the College of Commerce. Even if you want to develop in other business fields after graduation, such as banks, insurance companies, or other financial institutions, having a good grasp of accounting-related courses will be very advantageous.